The ASG Onboarding Process


We Get to Know Your Business

Proper IT support is not just about fixing something when it breaks. It’s about delivering better business results. Getting to know you and your business is the most important step in our process. Our desire to become not just a vendor, but a valuable asset to your team, is what sets us apart from other IT support companies.



We Audit Your Current IT

By performing a detailed audit of your existing infrastructure, we learn how your business functions. We can identify potential issues and areas for changes or upgrades that will allow you to innovate, grow, increase your profits, and give your company an advantage over your competition.



We Create a Comprehensive Network and Security Plan

Once we know the ins and outs of your business IT, we create a comprehensive network and security plan that will make your IT investments work for you, not against you.



We Review Compliance Requirements & Secure Your Entire System

Security is at the core of your business so security and compliance concerns are addressed automatically and included in our service offerings. Our approach is layered and goes beyond antivirus and firewall software. Unlike other MSPs, we don’t simply throw tools at the problem. For us, securing your data isn’t about selling tools; it’s about winning your trust.



We Implement Your IT Solutions

We’re flipping the switch and implementing the best in class solutions you need to allow you and your staff to become more productive, competitive, and ultimately more successful. All Systems Go!



We Monitor & Maintain Your Network Through Our Continuous Technology Alignment Management

When you work with us, you’ll get a dedicated team of network engineers, computer technicians, application support professionals, and cybersecurity experts. We will ensure that your network and computer systems are continuously engineered, maintained, optimized, and secure.

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