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At ASG Information Technologies, we firmly believe that securing your digital landscape isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. It’s a sad reality for us that many of our clients come to us from other IT providers or internal IT staff where they’ve undergone data loss or breach. In today’s evolving cyber threat landscape, robust and comprehensive managed security isn’t just about safeguarding your operations; it’s about gaining a competitive edge and building trust with your stakeholders. ASG has been doing just that; partnering with unique clients across Connecticut and New England and assisting them in their cybersecurity and IT needs for over 25 years.

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Our managed security offering goes beyond the standard. It’s a main differentiator with us. To top it off, we include all of the following in our Managed Services Offering, allowing our customers to know that they are both efficient and secure in their daily operations. We understand that your needs are unique, and we have tailored our approach to meet these demands.

Here are key elements of our robust managed security package that comes standard to our clients:

  • Comprehensive Security Planning: We offer a fully detailed, written security plan, specifically designed to meet your unique needs and address potential vulnerabilities.

  • Intrusion Prevention: Our state-of-the-art intrusion prevention system (IPS) monitors your network to detect and prevent potential threats before they infiltrate your system.

  • Firewall Monitoring: Your firewall is your first line of defense against external threats. Our continuous monitoring ensures it’s always up to date and effective.

  • Disaster Recovery and Incident Response Planning: Timely and coordinated response is critical in a security incident. Our disaster recovery and incident response planning is designed to ensure you are fully prepared.

  • External and Internal Vulnerability Scanning: Effective defense requires finding the weakest link. We conduct rigorous internal and external vulnerability scans to uncover and address potential weak points before they become problems.

  • Endpoint Encryption: Our robust endpoint encryption services ensure that your data stays secure, whether on your servers, in transit, or on employee devices.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): In this age, passwords are not enough. Our MFA services add an extra layer of protection to make sure only authorized individuals can access your systems.

  • Dark Web Monitoring: Threats often arise from the darkest corners of the web. Our dark web monitoring services help us detect and neutralize potential threats before they impact you.

  • Spam, Malware and Advanced Threat Protection: Email is a common attack vector. Our advanced email filtering services protect your business from spam, malware, and sophisticated email-based threats.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) & Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Our EDR and MDR services provide continuous surveillance and response, keeping your operations secure and uninterrupted.

Security Awareness Training

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The “ASG Advantage” For Your Organization

  • Predictable, budgetable costs with guaranteed results

  • We are committed to protecting your business from cyber thugs.

  • A live person answers the phone during regular business hours.

  • We will respond within 45 minutes or less.

  • We pledge to keep your network downtime to a minimum.

  • All-inclusive plans, including security, network support, and more

  • We hire experienced technicians. No dealing with level 1 techs.

  • No geek speak to you from our team.

  • Lightning fast support from our Service Desk team.

  • We care about and protect your critical business data.

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We believe proper IT support is not just about fixing something when it breaks. It’s about delivering better business results with our proactive support of the custom-documented policies, procedures, and network standardizations we have developed over the past 20+ years.

We invite you to take a different look at your technology costs and the results you get. Everyone we meet gets value out of our IT consultations.

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