Security Awareness Training

Your Employees Are The Last Line of Defense Against Cyber Criminals, Arm Them With The IT & Email Training They Need To Protect Your Business.

Today most small business owners are somewhat aware of common security threats like malware and phishing but are only using basic protections like firewalls and antivirus software to thwart criminals. But there is more to protecting your business from security risks today – especially as scammers become more sophisticated.  Phishing activities are designed by cyber criminals in order to steal money or sensitive information from you or your business. Phishing activities include email messages, websites, and phone calls that try to trick you to install malicious software on your computer and network!

ASG’s Cyber Security & Phishing Awareness Training

Computer users should be made aware of the risks and learn some simple steps on how to prevent opening a malicious link or falling prey to these cyber criminals.   There are different types of phishing attacks to protect yourself and your business from.  Security awareness training and education around proper Internet use, recognizing suspicious e-mail senders and knowing what files should never be opened, are imperative for all company employees to understand and practice.

  • 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack.

  • Ransomware was a 1 Billion dollar criminal business in 2016, and continues to grow.

  • CEO Fraud (aka Business Email Compromise) causes $5.3 billion in damages.

  • W-2 Scams social engineer Accounting/HR to send tax forms to the bad guys.

ASG’s Security Awareness Training utilizes the world’s most popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks that will train and test your end users and employees and manage the continuing problem of social engineering that all companies face today.

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Is Your Current IT Support Provider Leveraging Technology Solutions To Drive Your Business Growth, Or Are They Putting Bandaids On Problems That Never Get Fixed?

  • Do they deliver you a well-run IT network that generates revenue for you?

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  • Does their support provide you with a competitive edge in your marketplace?

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  • Do they properly communicate with you regarding what is happening on your IT network?

What Clients Are Saying About ASG Information Technologies

“ASG Information Technologies Manages All Of Star Auto’s Network & IT Security Needs!”

“Here at Star Auto Sales we are huge fans of ASG Information Technologies. We have replaced all of our computers, laptops and desktops PCs and our server. ASG brought our business up to PCI compliance, backup our servers and has handled some virus threats. They manage all of our IT needs. Rob Mitchell, the owner, has a talented team he is working with. We have interacted with most of the technicians and know for a fact we are in strong, capable hands. It has also been a pleasure working with Holly Heger, Rob Mitchell and the entire team. People don’t know how important IT services are until your systems are down. Luckily we don’t have to worry about that now”  Janine Brancale, Star Auto Sales 

“Why We Chose
ASG Information

“We were very impressed with their outstanding presentation of their solution proposal and project process. I felt like I could trust Rob Mitchell and his team which gave me greater confidence that ASG was going to be the right choice for our business.”
Christine Leffler, Eastern Connecticut Endoscopy Center

“We Have Been Happy Customers of ASG Information Technologies For Years.”

“I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for ASG Information Technologies. We had worked with a number of Information Technology companies previously, but none were as responsive as ASG has been for us. It does not matter whether it is a little or big problem, they are there to get us through it.  In these four years, we have made major upgrades to our servers, individual pc’s and proprietary insurance software. They have given us solid advice that we have found to be spot on. The staff at ASG all had the patience to get us through it all with little to no complications. They do much behind the scenes to keep us up and running efficiently and without interruption.”
Peter Petruzelo, President, Petruzelo Insurance

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