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ASG Information Technologies is your trusted partner for all your email and cloud platform needs. Whether you are in Connecticut, New England, or are a regional business – we’re not just technology implementers – we are problem solvers, security experts, and innovation drivers.

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Secure Email Practices

Email is a critical business tool, but it can also be a vulnerable point of entry for spam, phishing, and other cyber threats. At ASG Information Technologies, we go above and beyond to protect your business. We implement advanced spam and intrusion prevention measures to secure your email platforms. Our phishing prevention strategies are designed to safeguard your sensitive information, reinforcing your organization’s defenses and providing peace of mind.

Office 365

Our team of certified Office 365 experts don’t just implement solutions – we transform businesses. We assist with migration, deployment, administration, and ongoing support. More than just technical aspects, we align Office 365 utilization with industry best practices on a regular cadence. This not only enhances security, but ensures mail delivery, provides consistent monitoring, and offers proactive threat management to help your business stay one step ahead.

G Suite

When it comes to G Suite, our specialist team provides comprehensive services from migration and implementation to management and support. Beyond the technicalities, we align your G Suite usage with best practices for security, ensured mail delivery, proactive threat management, and consistent monitoring. We enable seamless collaboration and communication across your organization while ensuring maximum security and efficiency.

Microsoft Exchange

For businesses preferring to manage their data on-site, we offer expert on-premise Exchange services. Our team will manage your setup process, aligning it with industry best practices for security, high availability, and performance. Our comprehensive support ensure your on-premise Exchange server runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have cadenced vulnerability scanning, patching, and regular updates to keep this secure as well as aligned best practices to ensure nothing is relaying that shouldn’t be.

Why Choose ASG Information Technologies?

ASG Information Technologies puts our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to provide top-notch, innovative solutions that will drive your business forward. We take pride in our ability to customize solutions that meet your immediate needs while setting the stage for future growth and success. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, our expertise, resources, and passion are at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.

The “ASG Advantage” For Your Organization

  • Predictable, budgetable costs with guaranteed results

  • We are committed to protecting your business from cyber thugs.

  • A live person answers the phone during regular business hours.

  • We will respond within 45 minutes or less.

  • We pledge to keep your network downtime to a minimum.

  • All-inclusive plans, including security, network support, and more

  • We hire experienced technicians. No dealing with level 1 techs.

  • No geek speak to you from our team.

  • Lightning fast support from our Service Desk team.

  • We care about and protect your critical business data.

Why We Should Work Together

We believe proper IT support is not just about fixing something when it breaks. It’s about delivering better business results with our proactive support of the custom-documented policies, procedures, and network standardizations we have developed over the past 20+ years.

We invite you to take a different look at your technology costs and the results you get. Everyone we meet gets value out of our IT consultations.

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