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Technology is constantly evolving, and internal IT departments often reach a limit in their expertise and capacity. ASG’s Co-Managed Solution provides supplemental support, a true partnership between your in-house IT team and an external IT service provider. This way, you can leverage the strengths of both teams to enhance your IT operations.

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What is Co-Managed IT?

Co-Managed IT constitutes a partnership between an organization’s internal IT department and an external service provider. In this cooperative model, the in-house team oversees the daily functions while the external party provides supplemental support, proficiency, and resources as and when required. This strategic alliance enables organizations to retain governance over their IT operations, while simultaneously benefiting from a broadened scope of expertise and resources.

Limitations of Internal IT Departments

  • Resource Constraints: Internal IT divisions might find themselves limited by the number of personnel, budget, or specialized know-how to stay in pace with technological progression and administer intricate IT systems.

  • Scalability Issues: With the expansion of the organization, the in-house IT team may find it difficult to scale their operations to satisfy the escalating requirements for services.

  • Pressure of Time: The engagement of the internal IT team in regular tasks and maintenance activities may devour their time, leaving minimal scope for undertaking strategic initiatives.

  • Overnight Monitoring Gap: While your team is off-duty and recharging overnight, there might be a lack of continuous supervision over your IT systems. This can leave vulnerabilities unaddressed and potentially expose your organization to risks until the team is back online.

A properly partnered solution

Co-Managed IT Services CT address these limitations by supplementing the internal IT team with additional skillset, broader and more flexible resources, and specific talent. ASG’s partnered with many businesses throughout Connecticut, and you can access a broader range of expertise, scale your IT operations as needed, and stay ahead of technology advancements. You’ll also have a clearer understanding of your actual IT requirements and a team of experts to help align those technology results to actual business results.

Co-Managed IT Services CT are for organizations that:

  • Aspire to retain autonomy and accomplish more with a leaner staff, all while ensuring costs remain below standard managed-service contracts

  • Necessitate additional expertise or personnel support for their in-house IT team

  • Wish to empower their IT division to concentrate on substantial, high-impact initiatives

  • Look for strategic counsel and consulting services to harmonize their technology with business plans

  • Demand sophisticated cyber and network security protocols to counteract emerging threats

  • Seek access to the most recent, top-tier technology and IT best practices

  • Intend to establish operational efficiency by optimizing their back-office IT functions

The “ASG Advantage” For Your Organization

  • Predictable, budgetable costs with guaranteed results

  • We are committed to protecting your business from cyber thugs.

  • A live person answers the phone during regular business hours.

  • We will respond within 45 minutes or less.

  • We pledge to keep your network downtime to a minimum.

  • All-inclusive plans, including security, network support, and more

  • We hire experienced technicians. No dealing with level 1 techs.

  • No geek speak to you from our team.

  • Lightning fast support from our Service Desk team.

  • We care about and protect your critical business data.

Why We Should Work Together

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We believe proper IT support is not just about fixing something when it breaks. It’s about delivering better business results with our proactive support of the custom-documented policies, procedures, and network standardizations we have developed over the past 20+ years.

We invite you to take a different look at your technology costs and the results you get. Everyone we meet gets value out of our IT consultations.

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