Regulatory & Cyber Security Compliance

Is Your Business Up to Date on Its Regulations?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are ideal targets for cybercriminals. They have valuable information and the organization’s protection level is weaker than that of a large organization. Most SMBs do not have the resources to buy the tools or hire the staff to protect their organizations. What can they do? Companies that deal with compliance concerns such as Financial Services with FINRA, or Retail with PCI-DSS, 23NYCRR500 Policy compliance regulations have had to deal with security concerns for years. They all require continuous network monitoring, intrusion detection, active scanning, log monitoring, event management, and endpoint integration.

Understanding the Non-Compliance Problem

Companies that have dealt with compliance regulations for years do not necessarily understand the genuine threat to their businesses and can continue to receive fines. Many of these companies think that if they scan for issues quarterly or even yearly, they are covered. They might pass as compliant, but they are not secure. Most companies are exploited because a user lets a cybercriminal into the network, and the median number of days before that attacker is detected was 146. That is more than enough time to steal valuable data or damage your network, causing your company harm. It is important to know your industry’s compliance regulations and put together a plan, so your business is safe, secure, and thereby compliant.

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