Network & Data Security

Protect Your Business and Its Data

If you think that all you need to keep your company’s network safe is an off-the-shelf anti-virus software and firewall, please think again. Cybercriminals lurk everywhere and are always finding new ways to harm you and your business. When your company’s data isn’t properly secured, you run the risk of cyberattacks that could result in loss with costly network downtime, corruption of your business data, and any client data that you hold. This means customer credit card numbers, confidential internal files, health records, trade secrets, and financial information are all at risk. Your business is liable for the data it keeps, so this kind of breach could make for very costly litigation.

Leverage Expert Security Solutions

Unfortunately, many network security hazards that threaten small businesses come not only from outside threats but also from within their ranks. The majority of breaches are the result of leaked credentials. Employees without proper training can unwittingly download malicious software or invite hackers into your company’s system, and malicious or disgruntled employees can abuse their access for their benefit. Since you likely have neither the time nor the know-how to monitor employee internet usage and network activity, these realities can pose a serious threat.

The simplest way to mitigate this threat is to provide personnel with knowledge and training.

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ASG’s Cybersecurity Response Plan

The verticals ASG serves all require security at their core, so compliance concerns are addressed automatically and included in our service offerings. We firmly believe cybersecurity breaches that take place at the MSP level are caused by negligence. And we’ve made it our goal to ensure we don’t find ourselves among the 74% of MSPs that have been victims of a security breach. 

  • ASG’s best-practice approach is all about lowering risk and increasing results, and security is a focal point of that approach.
  • ASG has a dedicated security officer, and we invest time and effort into our clients’ security concerns, frequently including security exams, vulnerability tests, penetration exams, and risk assessments in our offerings—something most MSPs don’t do.
  • ASG’s security approach is layered and goes beyond anti-virus and firewall software. Unlike other MSPs, we don’t simply throw tools at the problem. For us, securing your data isn’t about selling tools; it’s about winning our customers’ trust.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery are included with every ASG plan. Our company believes such things should never be sold separately. We want you to sleep soundly at night, knowing you have a tried-and-true backup and recovery plan to protect your data.

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