ASG’s New Conference Center

Always looking for new ways to grow, ASG saw the perfect opportunity right in their backyard. (Although it didn’t come without challenges.)

ASG’s Beginnings

From a humble 8×10 square foot room back in 1997, ASG began its journey to the company it is today. Founder & CEO Robert Mitchell sought to make his new up-and-coming company, ASG Information Technologies, a success. With his first company ultimately failing and his wife pregnant with their first child, Rob knew he had no choice but to make ASG work. With his dedication to his family and the support of his wife and kids, ASG has grown into the company it is today. ASG moved out of Wallingford in 2009, but Rob always new that ASG would end up back in town one day.

In 2019, ASG moved back to its hometown of Wallingford and into the renovated Wallace firehouse. With ASG’s rapid growth after the promotion of Ryan Kreger to President, the company quickly outgrew the new space. Needing a solution that would accommodate the growth, Rob and Ryan decided the best course of action would be to move the conference room off-site and turn that space into more offices. After months of being unable to hold meetings in-house, the whole team was frustrated. That is when 156 Quinnipiac Street went up for sale.

The New Building

Located directly behind our main headquarters, 156 Quinnipiac Street provided ASG the perfect opportunity to continue growing without the need to move again. The building was officially purchased in late 2021. However, supply chain issues and town officials concerns caused many delays, pushing construction out to mid 2022. “I’m really excited to be able to easily get back to doing our company meetings,” says Ryan Kreger. “We’ve been postponing for nearly a year our strategic state of ASG meeting—I’m a big believer in being transparent as a company to all of our staff, so reporting on our goals as a collective and being able to have all of our staff attend at once will keep us rowing in a singular direction. We’re still doing it—but it’s more departmental. I want everyone here to understand our successes, our competitive advantages, our failures, what all of what we do means to the greater ecosystem out there—we’re doing it, just not as well as we used to.”

Despite all the hurdles that came with the new conference center, everyone at ASG is excited for the growth that it will bring. “Being able to have clients come here again and have a space is huge,” says Ryan. “Many of our client executives talk toward the benefit of getting out of their office for thought planning and strategy. That, plus being able to meet with prospective clients here and having them see how we do what we do—such an advantage there. Beyond that, we’ll be able to sit and plan, work together in a more cohesive space, and hold departmental meetings without a ten minute commute across town. We’re big on the team environment and it’s been an adjustment to losing our shared space this last year. While it hasn’t hurt the business really, it’s certainly made some things a bit harder.”

With one month left until the completion of the new conference center, the team at ASG Information Technologies is excited to get to work and show everyone the final product. Mark your calendars, the countdown is on!