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How A Manufacturing Company Hired The Right IT Services Provider To Help Deliver Quality Products On Time And At A Good Price To Their Customers

Acme Wire Products Company in Mystic Connecticut is a top precision wire fabricator which provides custom engineered wire products for industries including medical, industrial OEM, safety/HVAC telcom/premise wiring, sporting goods, material handling, and more. What makes Acme Wire stand out from the competition is their focus on customer service, quality control, delivering the product on time with spot on accuracy. They also pride themselves in their process of collaboration with other companies.

Time Is Money, Especially In The Manufacturing Business

“It is important to keep computers and network running efficiently because they are the foundation of our livelihood.” ~ Acme Wire Products

The Situation

Acme Wire previously hired a managed IT company, but they were not happy with their services and they were not delivering on the promises they made. They were unresponsive and had poor customer service. They did not return phone calls. They would not show up when a service call was scheduled, and there was no communication to them that it would need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

What is worse is that the previous IT company did not keep the computers and network in good working order which caused aggravation for the owners and employees, as well as costly downtime. Dottie, the IT point person at Acme, was constantly having to deal with all of the computer and network problems that they were having within the company which took her away from her own work.  The owners of the company were getting more and more frustrated because their IT network was actually preventing them from delivering their products and customers efficiently.

It Was Time To Make A Change

Acme’s goal is to deliver their customers quality products on time and at a good price. They realized that the current state of their network, along with poor customer support from their current IT company, slow computers, unproductive employees was having a negative effect on the goals of their company so it was time to make a change.

Acme Wire Products set out to find an IT support company that would give them better results for their technology investments and actually deliver on their promises. They researched and contacted a few other managed IT companies. ASG Information Technologies was one of them.  During their evaluation process, they realized that Rob Mitchell, the owner of ASG was sincere when he explained how they delivered their experienced managed IT support with a focus on top of the line customer service. After speaking with other ASG clients that are in manufacturing businesses, Acme felt confident moving forward with ASG Information Technologies.

The Solution

After deciding on ASG’s DirectLinx Pro Managed IT Service plan, Acme Wire was impressed by ASG’s very specific onboarding process. A detailed action plan was put in place that allowed them to experience a very smooth transition from their previous IT company.  Once the onboarding transition was completed, ASG’s proactive managed maintenance began and their network began to be aligned with ASG’s best practices:

  • Network security services were implemented and the servers and workstations were patched properly.
  • Business-class managed antivirus software implemented to ensure all computers are always protected.
  • A robust spam filtering service was put into place and this reduced the amount of spam emails they were receiving which helped protect them from rogue and spam emails.
  • Proper image backups were implemented for the server and key workstations and are managed and checked on a daily basis.
  • Daily proactive network maintenance was deployed to keep it working properly.
  • Onsite network administrative services were scheduled to review the network and its environment.
  • Quarterly routine server maintenance and backup test restores were scheduled.
  • Software deployment was set up to ensure software such as Adobe is kept up to date.
  • Webhosting services were deployed.
  • Acme management and employees are able to access to ASG’s experienced help desk team.
  • New network project plan was discussed and implemented: new server, image backup and disaster recovery workstation, Microsoft Exchange, new firewall appliance, replacement of workstations.

The Results

Since ASG Information Technologies set up the new network, security services and delivered network support, ongoing maintenance and help desk services, Acme Wire’s management and employees have experienced increased benefits from ASG’s network and support:

  • Acme Wire’s management and owners appreciate ASG’s proactive approach to supporting and managing computers and networks that keeps their systems running efficiently, secure, and up-to-date.
  • The daily complaints from management and employees are gone.
  • Employees are working efficiently, getting more done which saves Acme money.
  • If there is a problem they now are able to get fast, experienced support from ASG’s help desk team and the problems are resolved in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks which saves them money again.
  • They see the value in ASG’s consulting and IT planning services, “ASG’s team are experts in their business and we know that they have our back.” Acme trusts the recommendations because they know it will help make their business better.


Finding the right managed services provider was essential to Acme’s goal of delivering their quality products on time and at a good price to their customers. “Our computer and network runs clean now and if issues do arise, ASG Information Technologies is on top of it and gets the issues resolved quickly, which saves us time and money. It’s a good thing knowing that Acme Wire Products is in good hands now with ASG Information Technologies.”

“At ASG Information Technologies, we look at all aspects of your network including cost, network performance, functionality, and risk which allows us to understand your business challenges and provide you with the best-in-class solutions which will support your business goals.

Our goal is to make your business more profitable by making your IT investments work for you, not against you. With our experienced process for delivering IT support and excellent customer service, along with the desire to become more than just a vendor is what sets us apart from other IT Companies. The way that we deliver our network and security services as well as our help desk support delivers value to you and can give your business a competitive edge in your marketplace.”  ~ Robert Mitchell, President

What Clients Are Saying About ASG Information Technologies

“What our company likes most about ASG is their quick response.”

“Even when we email to their support, there is a follow up phone call from them. I never feel like my questions or issues are not important.”

They also stick with a problem until there is an answer or a fix. I was seeing a message on my computer and they quickly remoted in to my computer to quick run scans to make sure everything was ok.”
Lauire Buick, Beverage Publications, Inc. 

“Why We Chose
ASG Information

“We were very impressed with their outstanding presentation of their solution proposal and project process. I felt like I could trust Rob Mitchell and his team which gave me greater confidence that ASG was going to be the right choice for our business.”
Christine Leffler, Eastern Connecticut Endoscopy Center

“We Have Been Happy Customers of ASG Information Technologies For Years.”

“I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for ASG Information Technologies. We had worked with a number of Information Technology companies previously, but none were as responsive as ASG has been for us. It does not matter whether it is a little or big problem, they are there to get us through it.  In these four years, we have made major upgrades to our servers, individual pc’s and proprietary insurance software. They have given us solid advice that we have found to be spot on. The staff at ASG all had the patience to get us through it all with little to no complications. They do much behind the scenes to keep us up and running efficiently and without interruption.”
Peter Petruzelo, President, Petruzelo Insurance

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