Eastern CT Endoscopy Center

Medical Company Was Tired Of Dealing With Their IT Issues From A Vendor That Was Sub-Par And Unreliable!

Eastern Connecticut Endoscopy Center is a Norwich, Connecticut based endoscopy center that has been dedicated to performing painless colon cancer and other digestive problem screening using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment for more than
10 years. The award-winning staff includes seven board-certified gastroenterologists that are committed to providing compassionate, quality healthcare. With a mission that important, they cannot afford to spend their time and money fixing computer problems.

The Situation

Eastern Connecticut Endoscopy Center was having issues with their previous IT vendor. The computer and network support was sub-par and unreliable and the issues included:

  • They Were Hard To Get A Hold Of. When there was a problem they would leave a message and then would have to wait for days before they returned their phone calls.
  • ECEC Felt That The IT Company Was Not Supporting Them in the way that they needed. The lack of communication and solid IT support was having a negative impact on their business. Christine was not confident that their current vendor had the proper skills or processes in place to do the big network project that was coming up.
  • Problems Never Got Resolved. Several IT problems kept recurring despite the continued attempts to correct the issues. The internet service failed frequently, which caused issues since their business required close to 100% uptime. When the Internet went down they would have to revert to a manual, paper process which slowed down their business and they would often have to reschedule patients.

Enough Was Enough And Why They Chose ASG Information Technologies!

Eastern Endoscopy was not happy with their IT vendor and had a big network project coming up. They were not confident their current vendor had the skills or process in place to do the job correctly. That’s when they decided to reach out to a few IT support companies, including ASG Information Technologies for assistance with the project, as well support for their computer network after the project. “We were very impressed with their outstanding presentation of their solution proposal and project process. I felt like I could trust Rob Mitchell and his team which gave me greater confidence that ASG was going to be the right choice for our business.” ~ Christine Leffler

The Solution

ASG Information Technologies installed a new server and network as well as implemented a failover service. They documented the process so if the Internet service went down, the ECEC staff would be able to follow the process and be up with little to no business interruption.

“The project of installing the new server and network went so smoothly and far exceeded my expectations, and there was absolutely no service disruption to our center. In addition, ASG’s proactive approach of managing our network and security through their DirectLinx Managed IT Support plan behind the scene is reassuring,” says Christine Leffler from ECEC.

The Results – ASG’s IT Support Has Made Life Easier For Eastern Endoscopy

What they like most about ASG is their commitment to their client’s success. The technicians are knowledgeable and they are always available when needed. Currently, the computer and network issues are almost non-existent and if there is a problem ECEC is confident that it will be taken care of. They don’t worry about their network any longer.

Some Of The Biggest Benefits of ASG’s Managed Support:

  • EFFICIENCY – Processes are streamlined now. Staff logins and all of their software are streamlined, efficient, and worry free.
  • COMPLIANCE – They now are confident that they have an IT support company that is watching over their network, helping to keep them in compliance.
  • DATA BACKUP – Having a data backup and recovery process now gives them peace of mind knowing that their data can be restored if need be.
  • PEACE OF MIND – NO WORRIES – They have a better appreciation of the benefits of an outstanding IT support experience with ASG Information Technologies.

Summary – You Get What You Pay For

“When we were looking for a new support company, ASG was one of the most expensive quotes we received, but we quickly understood after speaking with ASG Information Technologies, that we were not going to get the same type and quality of services and support that we would get from the cheaper companies.

We are very pleased with our decision to go with ASG Information Technologies. Plus, going with their DirectLinx Elite Managed IT Service plan, and utilizing their IT consulting services it is much easier to plan and budget for IT services and projects.” ~ Christine Leffler, Eastern Connecticut Endoscopy Center

“At ASG Information Technologies, we look at all aspects of your network including cost, network performance, functionality, and risk which allows us to understand your business challenges and provide you with the best-in-class solutions which will support your business goals.

Our goal is to make your business more profitable by making your IT investments work for you, not against you. With our experienced process for delivering IT support and excellent customer service, along with the desire to become more than just a vendor is what sets us apart from other IT Companies. The way that we deliver our network and security services as well as our help desk support delivers value to you and can give your business a competitive edge in your marketplace.”  ~ Robert Mitchell, President

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