The Beverage Journal

“We Were Tired Of Dealing With A Support Provider Who Was No Longer Reliable And Experienced To Handle Our Companies IT Needs.”

The Beverage Journal is the official trade magazine for the licensed beverage industries in Connecticut and Rhode Island. It has provided brand and price listings-plus local market news on products, people, places, trends and legal issues-for Industry professionals and beverage licensees since 1949. the also offers the only industry website where retail, restaurant and bar managers can shop market products and place their alcoholic beverage orders online directly to wholesalers.

The Challenges In Their Marketplace

Some of the biggest frustrations that our customers face in the industry is making sure their orders re processed smoothly, in a timely fashion, and their shipments are accurate. It is also extremely important to us that our customers receive their magazine on time. We realize that our customers are really buying ‘seamless’ ordering of their products.

They Were Facing Technology Challenges

  • We had hired a one man support company to support and manage our computer network. One of the main problems was he was also trying to support many other businesses and it was very difficult trying to reach this person when there was a need.
  • We also found out over time that he had extremely outdated IT knowledge and education that he received far too long in the past, which lead to poor decisions on the way our network was being supported. Our company was also experiencing unreasonable network downtime and he had a much too difficult time finding resolutions to the problems.
  • We hadn’t realized how alarming the situation was at the time, and to think of what had been done wrong and what could have happened had we not reached out to make a change when we did.

The Solution—Why They Chose ASG Information Technologies

As a rather small office, as far as our business is concerned, we needed a IT support company who would have the time and the ability to give us the attention we required, but also have the experienced resources to properly support and maintain our computer network.

While searching for a new IT company, we found several companies that either weren’t interested in supporting a business like ours, or we got the impression that they would take our business but had much larger clients that were top priority. I felt that ASG Information Technologies offered the best of all possibilities.

ASG’s Managed IT Support Has Benefited The Beverage Journal In So Many Ways

What we appreciate most about ASG Information Technologies is the proactive way they deliver their IT support and services.

– Monitoring—Knowing our systems are actually being actively monitored and maintained.
– Technology Reviews—Their reviews of what we currently have for IT systems and services as well as considerations for anticipating our future technology needs is beneficial.
– Availability of Support – To be able to call or email support anytime and get help with questions related to anything for our business, technology related or not, makes me feel that we have a support system that goes beyond just the management of our network—that we have a business partner in many ways.
– ASG’s Staff—Most importantly, we like the people at ASG Information Technologies. Everyone is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

The Results

Since hiring ASG Information Technologies, the biggest benefits to me personally, my company and my employees is the reliability and productivity our of IT infrastructure. The flow of information within our office and with the systems set up for our out-of-state employees is invaluable. We are pleased and quite surprised to have found so many ways in which our computer systems could be improved upon after having ASG reconfigure and install our systems from the ground up.

Other positive results we have experienced with ASG’s managed IT support is reduced server and computer downtime; a more secure network; our backups are being monitored and properly maintained; increased employee productivity; a business competitive advantage by being able to service our customers faster, more easily and more intelligently which leads to increased profits.

“We now have the peace of mind knowing that they are watching over our network. After having grown as a business, especially digitally, we simply could not afford to be without ASG’s ‘safety net!’” ~ Brian Slone, Beverage Publications, Inc.

“At ASG Information Technologies, we look at all aspects of your network including cost, network performance, functionality, and risk which allows us to understand your business challenges and provide you with the best-in-class solutions which will support your business goals.

Our goal is to make your business more profitable by making your IT investments work for you, not against you. With our experienced process for delivering IT support and excellent customer service, along with the desire to become more than just a vendor is what sets us apart from other IT Companies. The way that we deliver our network and security services as well as our help desk support delivers value to you and can give your business a competitive edge in your marketplace.”  ~ Robert Mitchell, President