Consulting Firm Ditches Unresponsive Technology for Customized Systems

Retirement Planning Consulting Group (RPCG) is an actuarial, administration, and consulting firm with employees in Connecticut and Massachusetts. As a full-service third-party administrator and consultancy, RPCG helps clients maximize tax deductions and offer attractive benefits to employees.

Our Role

ASG was retained by RPCG to review their current network and help transition them from the cloud to a more affordable and easier to support on-premise solution.

Existing Conditions

Inefficient systems and processes paired with a slow response to support requests, RPCG’s previous vendor hindered employee productivity and morale.

The Challenge

RPCG was only weeks away from relocating its office when its President, Claire May, contacted ASG. After not hearing back from the previous vendor about providing IT support for the move, May knew she had to act fast. ASG had a short amount of time to assess RPCG’s network and come up with a plan.

The Solution

First ASG performed a budget analysis to review cost and savings. Although the IT support cost was higher than what RPCG was previously paying, ASG was able to offset the additional cost by eliminating the ongoing hosting.

Next, a list of network issues and support requests that the former provider failed to address was compiled.

After RPCG approved the network discovery and project plan, ASG simultaneously migrated multiple cloud servers to a new on-site server and transitioned RPCG to their new location, aligning their network and infrastructure with best security and reliability practices.

The Results

Technology-related downtime has decreased. RPCG’s computers now spend less time stuck or processing, which helps reduce costs associated with technology downtime and increase employee productivity.

Employees are happier. May reports that the employees at RPCG are thrilled with “how quickly they can complete their work” and the speed and accuracy with which IT questions are answered.

RPCG now depends on ASG to provide IT support and make hardware and software decisions to improve its performance going forward.

“I wish I went with ASG sooner!”

Clair May | President

Meet the Team


Ryan Kreger

Vice President


David Dempster

Chief Information Security Officer


Clifton Waite Jr.

Technology Alignment Manager


Louis Burwell

Help Desk Technician